Submit Proposal


Investigators or agencies interested in conducting a research project through the SRN must submit a Proposal Concept Application to that includes the following items:

  1. Concept description (1-2 pages)
  2. Funding description (half a page)
  3. If applicable:
    • Draft survey or
    • Recruitment request


Proposals will not be reviewed until all materials are received. Please submit the full application at one time. The SRN Review Committee will evaluate the proposal for alignment with SHEA’s mission and the level of burden on SRN participants.

The Review Committee may request additional information as needed. Review usually takes 1-2 months.

Fee Structure

  • Government or NGO-funded grants (excluding training or career development grants): $2,000
  • Corporate-funded grants: $5,000
  • The SRN does not assess fees for unfunded research, which, if approved, are supported by the SHEA Education and Research Foundation.

Fees cover review and solicitation to SRN facilities, and not administrative support, data management, or projects beyond normal scope (e.g. Delphi method with multiple rounds). Proposals are invoiced after review and acceptance.

Concept Description

(1-2 pages)


Principal Investigator

  • Contact information: name, title, affiliation, city and state, email, phone
  • SRN ID (at least one investigator should be an active member of the SRN)
  • Bio (no more than 250 words)
  • Conflict of interest disclosure (relevant to proposal)
  • Supporting documentation from SHEA for proposed project, if applicable (e.g. letter of support, SHEA research grant or award recipient or finalist)


  • Contact information: name, title, affiliation, city and state, email
  • SRN ID(s) (at least one investigator should be an active member of the SRN)
  • Conflict of interest disclosure (relevant to proposal)


Study Concept

  • Project title
  • Statement of problem or question
  • Hypothesis to be tested (if applicable)
  • Description of project goals
  • Primary endpoint
  • Potential outcomes of study
  • Long-term goals of study


  • Statement of proposed methods
  • Reason for choosing the SRN, potential benefits to the SRN, proposed involvement of SRN
  • Data collection by survey:
    • Use of PI’s survey platform (e.g. RedCAP, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey) or SHEA’s platform (Alchemer)
    • Recipient eligibility:
      • US-only, international, both
      • Specific requirements (e.g. presence of ASP, use of NHSN)
  • Study recruitment:
    • Background, description of study, description of participant’s role
    • Existing webpage, materials, timeline if applicable
    • Honoraria for participants, if applicable
Funding Description

(if applicable: half a page)

  • Name of funding source (foundation, company, governmental agency)
  • Will funds be used to support SRN participants in the project (e.g. honoraria, raffle)?
  • Will study data be used:
    • to apply for funding for a future project?
    • as part of a larger project to be submitted for funding?