About the SRN

What is the SRN?

The SRN is a consortium of over 100 unique healthcare facilities collaborating on multicenter research projects in healthcare epidemiology and antimicrobial stewardship.

Who are SRN members?

SRN members are healthcare facilities with a dedicated principal investigator (PI,) who receives all projects. SRN members are assessed annually for their responsiveness to projects over the year. Those with the highest response rates receive “SRN Elite Member” designation.

How do SRN members participate?

The PI for each SRN facility is responsible for responding to 5-10 research projects annually. These are typically surveys or recruitment efforts, and are reviewed and approved by the SRN Review Committee for their potential contributions to healthcare epidemiology.

Upon joining, SRN members receive a numeric or alphanumeric ID which is used to respond to all SRN-issued projects. The ID is used to track responses, de-duplicate responses, and keep responses anonymous. It also allows the SRN facility’s PI to send projects to colleagues if other expertise is needed.

There is no fee to belong to the SRN, but all applicants should commit to being active participants by responding promptly to SRN projects.